Community Consideration

DRBU is unique in that it shares its campus with both a monastic community and a K-12 school system. This infuses the campus with both a serene and spiritual atmosphere and a wholesome family environment where residents can focus on their studies or immerse themselves in spiritual practice. Given the special opportunities and considerations of being located in such a setting, the University asks that students conduct themselves in such a way as to be sensitive to the surrounding community. Here are some general guidelines to be familiar with:

  • Respectful and appropriate attire: no revealing clothing--this includes no tank tops, sleeveless tops, short skirts, shorts, strapless tops, swimwear of any sort, etc.
  • Respect gender privacy: women should not be in areas designated for men (i.e., Tathagata Monastery and Great Compassion House), and vice versa, men should not go to the areas south of Bodhi Way and east of the CTTB Administration Office. Speaking with monastics of the opposite gender should always be done with at least one other person present.
  • Respect the Buddhist vegetarian diet: no meat, eggs, leeks, shallots, onions, garlic, or chives; please do not bring any foods or products containing these ingredients to CTTB.

In addition, spaces shared with the CTTB community such as the Dining Hall, Buddha Hall, and outdoor common areas have established rules and norms of conduct. These guidelines support the harmony and spiritual practice of the greater CTTB community. Students are encouraged to learn about these guidelines and abide by them.