Student Guidelines

Students at DRBU join a community dedicated to ideals of personal and social integrity. We take the investigation of an ethical life as a matter of our commitment to study and self-cultivation. It expresses our sincerity in examining our own lives and our earnestness in undertaking thoughtful and responsible investigation into life's deepest questions. Thus, as the basis of all regulations for students, DRBU places its trust in students' commitment to embody the values of honesty, respect for others, and personal responsibility.

A student's primary responsibility with regard to these regulations is to honestly reflect upon one's own sense of values, how these values relate to one's community, and how best to conduct oneself in order to realize those values in the world.

In order to understand the University's expectations, students should carefully read over the following sections:

Student Code of Conduct

Community Consideration

Grounds for Dismissal

Conduct Process

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