Spiritual Life

Unit of Campus Life

DRBU Spiritual Life strives to support the DRBU community in their spiritual and religious aspirations in a holistic manner that integrates their studies, contemplative practices, and daily life.

The main spiritual practice center on the DRBU campus is the Hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas, which maintains a regular daily schedule of ceremonies conducted by Buddhist monastics, with special ceremonies during holidays and Dharma sessions. Students are welcome, but not required, to participate in these ceremonies. There is a Buddha Hall at Sudhana Center with its own schedule of ceremonies. There are also several other spaces on campus set aside for quiet contemplation, meditation, and spiritual practice.

DRBU Chaplains are available for advice and feedback, to address questions about ethics or practice, or simply to discuss aspects of spiritual life. DRBU is committed to serving students of all religious and spiritual background. Chaplains can help students connect with nearby religious centers appropriate for students' beliefs and practices.

Presence of Monastic Community

A unique quality of the campus is the presence of Buddhist monks and nuns on campus who are engaged in a life devoted to spiritual practice based on the monastic discipline, the Vinaya, established by the Buddha. Students are able to see first-hand the living tradition of the Buddhist monastic Sangha that are often referenced in the Buddhist texts and how it works in developing a life of mindfulness and simplicity that leads to wisdom and inner freedom.

The monastics lead the daily ceremonies and spiritual practices in the Buddha Hall.

If you would like to learn more about the monastery, please refer to a small booklet, “Welcome to the Monastery.”

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