Fire emergency

If you see a fire, sound the fire alarm and evacuate the building. If you hear the alarm, find the nearest exit and go to the designated fire-safe location. Close all doors to confine the fire and stay low if there is smoke. Warn people in the area of immediate fire. Once you are outside, dial 911 to reach the Fire Department. If you know the location of the fire and it is safe to do so, direct firefighters to the exact location of the fire.

For small CLASS A fires (wood paper, fabric, etc.) use a foam or water extinguisher. For small CLASS B fires (grease, motor vehicle, and flammable liquids) use foam, dry chemical, carbon dioxide or vaporizing liquid.

NEVER use a water-type extinguisher on live electrical equipment. The electrical current following the water stream to your body can electrocute you instantly. NEVER throw a stream of water on CLASS B fire. This can splatter flaming liquids over a wide area, spreading the fire out of control.