Dorm Community Care

Dorm Meeting: Dorm meetings play a crucial role in building a dorm community: checking in, coordinating work, and group decision making. Residents are expected to make a good faith effort to attend dorm meetings. Residents who miss a dorm meeting agree to abide by any new policies and decisions announced at or made by the community in their absence.

Dorm Cleaning: Residents are responsible for maintaining the condition of their living spaces and cleaning them regularly. All residents will be assigned specific duties to maintain the upkeep of shared living spaces. It is crucial that each resident completes these duties in a timely and diligent manner.

Facilities Issues: Residents agree to cooperate with DRBU staff when room repairs, maintenance, painting, and/or cleanings are required. Residents should report any facilities issues, including plumbing, electrical or structural problems to Residential Life staff or the Facilities Team immediately.