Residential Life

Unit of Campus Life

The Campus Life team welcomes you to DRBU! We are glad you have chosen to join our community. We know this is a time of change and uncertainty, and we wanted to explain the campus housing situation for your first semester. After considering the risks of the COVID-19 situation in detail, DRBU made the difficult decision to significantly alter our on-campus housing options for the fall semester. Although housing will not be available at the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas campus this fall, we intend to offer a small-scale residential program at the Sudhana Center campus in order to accommodate students with specific housing needs.

The residential program at Sudhana Center is scheduled to run from Sunday, August 2nd to Monday, November 23rd, and will include dining as well as potentially some student activities and spiritual life offering, subject to health guidelines. To help ensure everyone’s safety, we will be limiting the number of people on campus for the fall semester. Campus residents will need to rigorously observe a two-week quarantine period at the beginning of the semester, and a shelter-in-place protocol afterwards.

Students are expected to contribute to various chores that help make communal living possible. Each student will have 13 hours of work shifts a week, including such jobs as kitchen work, cleaning, landscaping, and security.

The residential experience at DRBU is a fertile ground for embodying wisdom and kindness. To facilitate this opportunity for growth, DRBU Residential Life strives to create a dorm environment that supports students in their academic studies, self-cultivation, and participation within a caring, interdependent community.

Residential Life oversees the student dorms, maintaining a staff presence to offer programming and support students in their various needs. We enforce University codes of conduct and facilitate conflict resolution among students. These services are offered by a team of dorm staff and student leaders.

Campus housing is available for all full-time BA students, and for full-time MA students subject to availability.

Students living in dormitories are required to abide by the rules outlined in the DRBU Code of Conduct, DRBU Residential Guide, and the Student Housing Agreement.

Our Dormitories

C-Dorm (Women)

Tower of Blessings (Women)

Sudhana Center (Men)

Annex 8 (Men)

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